eDocker PUBLISH!

The web applications produced by eDocker CREATE! are a great way to share, publish and display material quickly via your own server for web browser viewing. But when you need to restrict the publication in some way, a web application is no longer a very convenient means of distribution. This is where the new eDocker PUBLISH! service helps. It allows you to quickly share publications made with eDocker CREATE!, or even just ordinary PDF files according to very precise specifications. Publications can be made, for example, available for a charge or privately, only for a specified group of users.

Try eDocker PUBLISH! right now - for free

1) Go to publish.edocker.com/regsitration and create a free eDockerID
2) After you have submitted eDockerID form, you wil be redirected to page where you can create a publisher account. It´s free for first 30 days, after that starting 9,90€/month.


eDocker PUBLISH! workflow is very simple. After you have registered on eDocker PUBLISH! as a publisher you can immediately publish your publication and issues under it.


Publishing and the publisher account is managed with a easy to use web-based GUI. Publishing itself takes only minutes.





Account types

There are 3 different types of accounts in eDocker PUBLISH! Check out prices and  comparison chart below.


 $13.90 (9.90€)


 $139 (99€)


 starting from $278 (199€)

Prices are monthly fees (exchange rates may effect final prices).

Note that only CORPORATE+ account supports branded and customized apps for exclusive publisher account based distribution. Other account types include only the support for distribution through generic eDocker READ! apps and URL.

Passive PDF yes yes yes
eDocker CREATE! HTML5 projects yes yes yes
Free publications yes yes yes
Self hosted files yes yes yes
Download analytics yes yes yes
eDocker READ! iPad app yes yes yes
webREAD! at read.edocker.com yes yes yes
Paid publications no no yes
Private publications no yes yes
Support for subscribers no yes yes
Support for other HTML/HTML5 projects no yes yes
Active publications 1 12 2*
Active issues in publications 12 150 150*
Support for branded iPad app no no yes
webREAD! at custom URL no no yes
API for OutApp purchases** no no yes
Manage client sub-accounts no no yes

                                  * more by extra fee
                                  ** coming soon


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